Production of fabrics and protective cloths of parts such as head-rests, seats, bottoms, armrests, gear lever boots on CNC Cutter machine,

Die-Cut production of baggage carpet and felt with lamination (double-sided transfer tape) or without lamination on Press and Dragline machines,

Laser-cut production of parts known as in-car hiding parts by double-sided transfer tape lamination,

Production with press and waterjet of formable parts such as engine housing, under-hood insulation, tunnel insulation, fender insulation, under-wiper insulation, side cladding, glass tablet, floor carpet, cover cladding,

Die-cut production of heel and foot-rests on the floor carpet on press benches, supply of armrest belts and elastic bands, baggage carpet pulling belts, baggage fire extinguisher fixing belts (straps), All production is performed according to IATF 16949:2016 standard.


Sizing of polyethylene heat insulation boards (mattresses) on CNC Cutter benches,


For automotive, furniture and construction sector, preparing materials for the protection of products in boxes during the shipment via cutting on CNC Cutter machine,

These are parts used as separators from fabric and PE material, with foldable partitions from PP material for protection against scratches and shocks and impacts.

Machine Capasity

Press Machines
1200x1500mm -Kurs 500mm 60 Ton
2500x1300mm -Kurs 500mm 600 Ton
Roller Die-cut Machines
Cutting Zone : 2000×1390 mm
Cutting Zone : 1200×1000 mm
Cutting Zone : 1520×3000 mm

Forming Press
1600x2000mm -Cours 1200mm 200 Ton
3350x2150mm -Cours 1200mm 180 Ton
Infrared Heating
2000×1800 mm 200Kw
Chillers Churchill

Fabric Spreading Machine :
Table Zone : 2000×14000 mm

CNC Cutter:
Table Zone : 3200×1600 mm

Laser Machine:
1300×900 mm

Slabbing Machine :
Carpet Slabbing Automatic Machine : 2000 mm
High Speed Handle Fabric Cutting Self Automatic : 2000 mm
High Speed Handle Fabric Cutting Automatic: 2000 mm

WaterJet Machine:
Robjet 7 Axes 760x500mm

Flame Lamination :
Hot and Cold Width 1700mm

Double Sided Tape Application: